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iGovernance suite About Data Governance


As Customers in Financial Sector are Auditable Subjects, they need to recover their own IT transformation processes generating certain results During the Time.

Metadata Repositories available on the market do not usually allow that kind of functionality because at declaration level they are able to identify only the “last picture” of a certain Data Lineage. As a consequence, they are enabling only what is called “object versioning”.

On the contrary, users need to obtain a real “Time Machine” function, able to recover an entire IT physical process path, run months or years before.

This need is satisfied by iGovernance Suite, which enables the “IT Process Historicization” function on the DB application.  When any IT process is executed and identified by agents, as it ends a unique number is assigned to the entire IT process physical path, and is stored in the iGovernance Suite Application DBstory.

If the same process is executed again in a different moment, a different unique number is assigned and the process is stored again, because, having been executed in a different moment, it could have treated different contents and generated a different value even though the transformation logic remained the same.

In virtue of this functionality, Customers will have the physical IT process representation available at all times, generating a certain result in a certain moment, thereby being able to answer any Auditor request with the whole IT physical processes history.

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