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Active Monitor

It can sometimes be complex for an Operation Team to manage, for example, a Multistep and Multi technology Data Warehouse Loading. These loadings, in fact, usually take place “by Steps”:  the Staging Area Loading, then the First level DW house loading, followed by the Second level Loading, the Olap Cubes Loading, the Reporting services Loading and, finally, starting.

In such a configuration, it proves particularly complex to have an “End-to-End” view of the entire loading process, both because of the different single Steps and because of the presence of different technologies along the same Application Chain.

Active Monitor lets the Execution Team have an “End to End” view of the entire Application Chain (while the IT physical processes are running), independently of how many steps and how many different technologies it is composed of.  In addition, not only does it allow the Customer to easily define the kind of Control or Alarm that can help the Operation team to Maintain and Improve the agreed SLA but it also offers the opportunity to obtain a view or dashboard on running IT processes.

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