iGovernance Suite

The most comprehensive Reversal Data Lineage solution available on the market.

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iGovernance Suite

iGovernance Suite is the first application available on the market using both Technical and Operational metadata, historicizing every IT executed process.

IGovernance Suite is made of five main solutions: 

  1.  Metadata Catchers
  2.  Active Monitor
  3.  Application Governance
  4.  Data Audit
  5.  DBstory

All our solutions have been designed to recover the knowledge of IT physical processes within the organizations, allowing them to better manage their metadata and obtain, through trustworthy data, the maximum business value.

In this scenario, the most important goal for any company is the implementation of an Automated, Univocal, Coherent vision of company IT physical processes transformation logic represented in an up-to-date column level Data Lineage, meanwhile sharing this precious amount of information with all IT and Business Areas in a way useful for their daily work.