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Application Governance

When an error or a problem occur during a Complex Multistep and Multi-technology Application Chain execution, even a simple single object contextualization could prove particularly expensive in terms of the time and resources to be invested, often delaying application of remediation policies.

Application Governance is a navigation environment through Technical and Operational Metadata stored in the DB application where, applying the “10Clicks2Knowledge” approach, starting from any single object (e.g. generation of an error or just because it needs to be aligned to new business rules), the Customer can contextualize the object in a complex Multistep and Multi-technology Application Chain within few clicks, discovering the relative connections, Data Lineage and every object related or impacted to it.

iGovernance Suite is the first Application available on the market featuring the above functionalities because it is the first one to use both Technical and Operational Metadata and to historicize every executed IT process.

AboutDataGovernance is available to provide (submitting a specific quotation):

–       Any further Metadata Catchers or Agents that the Customer may require to solve new specific business needs (New ETLs, B.I. Tools, Coding Languages, etc.), which can be implemented swiftly (6-8 weeks);

–       The integration of iGovernance Suite with any Tools or Applications that may be needed to reach a Customer’s new goals (Process Monitoring Tools integration, Business Processes Tools, FTP  (file management) Tools, etc..

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