When is a Reversal Data Lineage solution crucial?


There is no specific time to start. Companies will adopt a Reversal Data Lineage solution when they believe it is no longer sustainable to manage an IT department without this deep knowledge, optimizing IT costs, increasing efficiency and reducing risks. 

A Reversal Data Lineage creates tremendous business value for companies that need to maximize their data quality, create robust data governance, complete compliance to regulations (Basel, Solvency, GDPR, MIFID, FACTA, etc).

It’s not only for big or financial companies… it is for all organizations of all vertical markets! 

IT cost reduction

offloading obsolete data and objects across IT systems

Increased Efficiency

in managing the applications: development, maintenance…

Risks reduction

in all data-driven digital transformations initiatives

Reversal Data Lineage advantages

our data lineage key diffentiatiors

100% Complete

At the deepest level throughout the entire Application Chain.  Any “missed”
object representation is an obstacle to any kind of decision-taking activity
regarding a certain IT physical process. Our Reversal Data Lineage solution will
give you the comfort of the right decision.

our data lineage key diffentiatiors


Data Lineage, when Complete and Validated  through its Operational Metadata, in addition to satisfy regulatory needs will help save money and reduce  risks considerably.

our data lineage key diffentiatiors


A manual intervention to complete a Reversal Data Lineage and keep it aligned
can prove uneconomical in the short, medium/long terms, producing
unsustainable time and costs and no error-proof results.

our data lineage key diffentiatiors


A historicized process helps to answer any Audit question like: “what process
generated a  xxx  result in column  yyy at 5.34 pm on 3rd March 2019?”.
Our Reverse Data Lineage solution historicizes any “run” process, quite
differently from “versioning” tools!

our data lineage key diffentiatiors


A “usual” reversal Data Lineage representation can often show a “constellation”
of objects almost impossible for the user to effectively understand. Our Reversal Data Lineage applies specific and automatic filters able to reduce the view to a simpler and more user-friendly representation (when needed).

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