About Us

We strive to be the best Reversal Data Lineage Solution on the market and all our efforts are directed towards giving back to customers the knowledge lost in their IT physical processes

AboutDataGovernance is an Italian Company founded in 2015 by professionals with more than 20 years experience in Data and Metadata Management in leading multinational companies.
Our solution iGovernance Suite, is the most effective and comprehensive Reversal Data Lineage solution available today.
Completely developed in-house by AboutDataGovernance code farm located in Rome with an up-to-date 18-year/man investment in development.


AboutDataGovernance’s goal is to help Customers, their Partners and System Integrators to increase efficiency and reduce time and costs of their IT physical Processes by reversing automatically 100% of the expected Data Lineage.

This way we want to restore to our Customers the knowledge lost in their IT physical processes.


All our efforts are directed at unleashing the power of a Company’s metadata with the most effective Reversal Data Lineage solution, which aims at restoring the knowledge of customer’s physical IT processes to support the Company’s data-driven strategy and ensure the highest quality & governance for the organization’s data.




Two entrepreneurs and a manager, empowered by their experience and acquired know-how, gave birth to AboutDataGovernance in 2015 and brought the company to a success which is currently expanding further.

Paolo di Stefano AboutDataGovernance

Paolo Di Stefano

Technical Director & Co-Founder

Paolo has more than twenty years’ experience in large Data Warehouse projects (including Telecom Italia, Inail, Acea, Poste Italiane) and CRM. He has in-depth knowledge of the main ETL tools on the market and extensive experience in the areas of data management, data quality, development methodologies and best practices with particular regard to the theme of “reuse”. He has dedicated the most recent years to solving problems related to Data Governance in leading companies..

Andrea Stillone About Data Governance

Andrea Stillone

CEO & Co-Founder

Andrea is an IT engineer with 20 years’ experience in DWH and CRM. As a SW architect, he has gained great expertise in the design and prototyping of DWH and Big Data solutions. Thanks to the roles of Business Unit Manager of multinational companies, he has acquired great skills in the management of complex environments and organizations.

Stefano Mino About Data Governance

Stefano Mino

Sales Director & Co-Founder

Stefano developed some important special projects up to 1995 such as the first microchip credit card in Italy. He then moved to sales dept. and was Alliance Manager at Ascential. Following the acquisition of the latter by IBM, he held the role of Sales Manager for Italy for Information Integration & MDM solutions. He was then promoted, thanks to the successes achieved, to European Sales Manager for the same area at IBM, contributing to the implementation of numerous Governance projects on a Customer portfolio of over 1000 Customers.