We are delighted to announce that our iGovernance Suite has won the European Enterprise Awards 2020 in the “Best Reversal Data Lineage Solution” category.

AboutDataGovernance’s solution, iGovernance Suite, was analyzed by a jury of experts supported by a research team. Multiple factors were evaluated including expertise, dedication to customer service and client satisfaction with an ongoing commitment to excellence and innovation.

At the end of a process that lasted a few months that saw various Reversal Data Lineage solutions tested, the jury declared our iGovernance Suite the winner of the “Best Reversal Data Lineage” category.

iGovernance Suite therefore reconfirms itself as the best and the most comprehensive Reversal Data Lineage solution available today on the market and it is also the first application available on the market using both Technical and Operational metadata, historicizing every IT executed process.


Where we are different:

No competitor’s Data Lineage got the following five golden features in a single solution – and that’s what makes us unique:

Complete: Would you ever make a decision based on missing or uncorrect metadata? Discover why our solution will never let you down.

Validated: Using “run time” metadata to validate the Reversal Data Lineage increases the value you can extract from data.

Historicized: We know Audit questions can be daunting, but their answers don’t need to be.

Automatic: We will automate all your manual processes, eliminating the related costs.

Usable: Our solution applies automatic filters to create simple representations from complex metadata.


Although we are born only 5 years ago, we have beaten the international competition and achieved Italian and European TOP customers like:  n. 1 and n. 2 Italian Company in Telco; the n. 1 Italian Logistics Company; one of the largest Italian and European Insurance Company; the n.2 European Banking Payment Company.


Throught our Reversal Data Lineage solution – iGovernance Suite – it’s possibile to recover the knowledge of customers’ IT physical processes to support their digital, data-driven strategy with correct, accurate and quality metadata.

In today’s technological era, technology impacts every C-Level executive or LOB leader. In their daily jobs CxO’s decisions are based on information. Trasformation rules retrieved from metadata management system allow the  accuracy of each needed information. Any company business process has to be brought at a physical level to ensure that each business rule is properly configured and executed by the IT systems.  Usually the knowledge of these IT processes is covered by individuals that own “how things are done”.  Often this knowledge is also not shared inside the Company and it is lost when the one person who ‘knows’ is no longer available.

A complete, usable, automatic, validated and historicized  Reversal Data Lineage gives more confidentiality to CxO that information received from company’s IT systems are reliable and accurate.