The Data Management Summit will be held online in Italy on November 11th from 9,30 to 14,30. It is an exclusive event to guide the data management community in the technological landscape, talking more about solutions than platforms. Its objective is to be an open discussion forum to share experiences and use cases. A fundamental summit for CIO, CTO, CDO, CIO, Data Scientists who implement emerging technologies to solve new technological challenges and align with new business opportunities.

New technological challenges, from self-service to machine learning and artificial intelligence, will dominate the future of data. The conference will immerse attendees in the latest advances in data and analysis, focusing on emerging technologies that will offer the greatest opportunities for impact within your organization.

“We are very delighted  to participate in this event as a Gold sponsor. Every day we are called upon to companies that need to regain the knowledge of their IT physical systems and do not have the right tools to do so. Projects like Data Governance, Digital Transformation, Data Science, Data Quality or simply the efficiency of corporate IT systems are not possible today without an automatic Reversal Data Lineage system that is truly usable “said Stefano Mino, Sales Manager & Founder of AboutDataGovernance.” This means that the data lineage must be 100% Complete; Validated; Automatic; Historicized; Usable. With our iGovernance Suite, the most comprehensive solution available on the market today, for example, any organization can save up to 90% of its IT physical process management costs and increase efficiency by 70% by adopting our Reversal Data Lineage Solution, and like this, I can make many other examples on where our  iGovernance Suite create tremendous business value.”

Companies are moving towards active management of data assets through metadata management. The tools of AboutDataGovernance are very concrete and allow us to recover those business processes that are part of the knowledge of the company.,” said Michele Iurillo from Synergo! “AboutDataGovernance and its staff had already participated as guests in the 2019 edition of the DMS in Italy, and is proud to have it as a sponsor in both editions“.

Attendee profile: the expected profiles are the following:

  • Data Strategy Manager
  • Data Architect DBA
  • Data Stewards Data Analyst
  • Data scientist Data miner
  • Data Engineer Data Modeler
  • Metadata Manager Master Data Analyst
  • Data Developer Data Integrator
  • DW Administrator BI Administrators
  • CTO of the Information Director

AboutDataGovernance is an Italian Company founded in 2015 by professionals with more than 20 years experience in Data and Metadata Management in leading multinational companies.

AboutDataGovernance’s goal is to help Customers, their Partners and System Integrators to increase efficiency and reduce time and costs of their IT physical Processes by reversing automatically 100% of the expected Data Lineage. This way we want to restore to our Customers the knowledge lost in their IT physical processes.

All our efforts are directed at unleashing the power of a Company’s metadata with the most effective Reversal Data Lineage solution, which aims at restoring the knowledge of customer’s physical IT processes to support the Company’s data-driven strategy and ensure the highest quality & governance for the organization’s data.

iGovernance Suite’s Metadata Catchers: Metadata Catchers has been developed to solve automatically the most frequent criticalities that usually stop a Data Lineage generation:

  • Presence of different Tools on the same Application Chain not exchanging natively Metadata such as (but not only) 2 different ETL Tools;
  • SQL coded inside a Tool’s transformation objects (Job or Stage);
  • Scripts present along the Application Chain;
  • Calls to external Transformation rules or procedures like Teradata BTEQ or Views or Stored Procedures, etc.;
  • Parametric Job and dynamic queries call.

iGovernance Suite’s Metadata Catchers solve the above criticalities for many different technologies and tools:

DB: Teradata; Netezza; Exadata; Oracle and others

F/END TOOLS: BisinessObject; Cognos; MicroStrategy

ETL:  IBM DataStage; Informatica  PowerCenter; ODI Oracle; Talend (Q1 2021)


AboutDataGovernance has implemented for each different Metadata Catcher a dedicated Agent responsible for rescuing the unencrypted expressed values from system logs – at 0 impact on running processes – and integrating them with the reconciled Technical Metadata, completing the Data Lineage automatically.

The resulting Data Lineage can then be loaded into the Customer’s Metadata Repository or tools like IBM BPM, Informatica Axon, Collibra, SAS, etc. at the depth level requested by business. The deepest and most complete one is still available in iGovernance Suite, ready to be used by IT to solve daily criticalities or tasks.

On request AboutDataGovernance  also develops customized Metadata Catchers and deliver them in 6-8 weeks. This is possible thanks to AboutDataGovernance own parser quick personalization to Customers’ Specific Needs.

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