….Unleash the power of your metadata with the most effective Reversal Data Lineage Solution

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Why Data Lineage has to be a priority for a CEO

Any organization can save up to 90% of its IT physical process management costs and increase efficiency by 70% by adopting our Reversal Data Lineage Solution with a ROI in few months – not years!
We offer you the most comprehensive solution available on the market today.

Our iGovernance Suite is:


Would you ever make a decision based on missing data? Discover why our solution will never let you down.


Using operational data to validate the Reversal Data Lineage increases the value you can extract from data.


We know Audit questions can be daunting, but their answers don’t need to be.


We will automate all your manual processes, eliminating the related costs.

Whatever the role you cannot get  FULL insights without using a Reversal Data Lineage solution


Our solution applies automatic filters to create simple representations from complex metadata.

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Metadata Management strategy

Metadata is a critical component of modern data-driven companies. You can manage your data properly if you use a strong metadata infrastructure. 

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Data Quality strategy

About 70% of issues are due to human errors. How to find where the problem is if you don’t know where and how data are transformed?

About Data Governance

Data Governance strategy

There is no Data Governance without a Reversal Data Lineage system that defines which data are where, how they flow and how they are transformed through the IT processes.

the pain

Companies lose the knowledge of their IT physical processes when IT people leave or change job… How to regain it and share it at every level?  




Our mission is to recover the knowledge of customers’ IT physical processes to support their digital, data-driven strategy with correct, accurate and quality metadata. This is possible only with our Complete, Validated, Automatic, Historicized and Usable Reversal Data Lineage.



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